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Regardless of whom they want to tell, unconditional love and support can help to prevent your child from suffering from major depression or behavioral issues. If your child is ready to share with family or friends and you are not, it is important to talk to your child and explain that you need a little more time to come to terms with what they have shared with you. Studies have shown that children who have a loving and supportive home, especially with at least one supportive parent, are able to handle many of the challenges that come their way no matter their orientation. Teach them that love is love. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. However, depression can be a problem for children who are repeatedly bullied or rejected by friends and authority figures such as teachers or coaches.

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They might not be able to answer all of your questions because they might not know all of the answers at this point.

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Click here for free trial login. You did not cause your child to be gay. Realizing their feelings for people of the same gender or even both genders can make them feel different. Trying to fit in and avoid any major embarrassment. Lesbian and Gay Sexual Orientations: Looks like you do not have access to this content. Allowing yourself to have a space to talk about your feelings away from your child is important.

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dont like my lesbian therapist
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dont like my lesbian therapist

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