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Haley spread her leg causing the American dragon to say wow, feeling even more turned on she began rubbing herself to the sight of her brothers throbbing cock. As much as Haley wanted to jump on him she refrained and left the spent boy alone. Well mom's outta town and dad's working late so she's alone, what is she up to' Jake wondered as he followed her to their home. She sent an email saying "hi I'm Taylor, I'm 17 yr old mermaid and I love you Jake I'm like totally your biggest fan and I'd love an autograph ; " the letter was perfect it was just gushy enough to fool any teenage boy. As the hours went past Haley came up with what she thought was the perfect plan, "what Jake loves more than himself are girls and even more are girls that love the "AmDrag"" she told herself, she spent the last two hours on her personal computer coming up with a fake email and MyFace profile to con Jake into giving her secrets about himself that she would then post all over his high school, it was perfect he wouldn't know it was her and it wasn't bad enough to get her into deep trouble if she was caught. But don't think this is the last we talk about this" he said in his normal jolly voice leaving the two alone uncertain about what was to come. The father of the two snapped a couple pics of the two.

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To Jakes surprise Haley laid back on the bed slid her panties off and threw them to the side, she then laid face down wave her round bottom in the air, crawling toward her who stood at the foot of the bed she unzipped his pants and pulled raging hard on from his shorts.

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Haley continued to strip in front of Jake, by now she was down to her skirt, socks and panties. Shouldn't she be at ballet? To her surprise she found the she love the flirty look in his eyes, the all knowing smile he gets when he knows you want something, and lastly his cock! Haley walked towards the door and stop dead in her tracks at the sight of her naked older brother stroking himself and holding the panties she wore the day before to his face. He walked to the Landry room grabbed a pair of her used panties from her pile of clothes and headed back upstairs, he removed all of his clothes and left his door open slightly so Haley could see, he then laid on the bed sniffing his little sisters panties, moaning a little too loudly her name.

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jake the american dragon naked
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jake the american dragon naked
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