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In the forest, Amy was extremely suspicious as to where Sonic and Rouge were while they were alone, unaware they "did" it. His kisses were even better than in her dreams, the way his lips bruised hers…the way his tongue stroked the insides of her lips…the way each kiss filled her with happiness and filled up that empty space in her heart. Amy is a complete welsh bitch, wanting nothing to do than to "do" Sonic the Hedgehog. During the battle with the zombies, Amy mourned over Charmy Bee 's death and after the Sea Monster threw Sonic's Hummer off the ship, Sonic exclaims it was the only thing he cared about, to which Amy questioned him that he cared about her, to which Sonic said "f no! She then tried eating one of Tails' tacos in order to eat something, but Tails flipped out and threatened Amy before going to sleep. He started to kiss Amy longingly, not just on her angelic face, but along her perfect body as well. She is completely oblivious as to how much Sonic hates her, even after every time he insults her and slaps her away.

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Super Sonic floated into Amy's room and landed right in front of her, before powering down back to normal.

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Amy raised an eyebrow mischievously. He started to thrust himself into her gradually and she began to do the same. Sonic started to feel more confident now. They weren't united physically anymore…but emotionally and spiritually, their ties were stronger than ever. The two quickly went to make whoopee, with Amy unaware that she also released all of the other clones, which then banded together under Dr. She wondered how much more…how much more pleasure and raw moves she could feel and experience before she finally caved in.

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sonic and amy haveing sex
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