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It only takes a single drop of blood to turn the toilet bowl water red. Etiology and evaluation of hematuria in adults. If the unusual color is caused by certain foods, you can eat less of them if it bothers you. For example, eating certain foods or taking certain medications can cause the color of your urine to change. This urine is most likely to show abnormalities if there are any because it is more concentrated than other urine you produce over the day. What the color of your urine means.

Some medications darken urine too.

10 Colors That Suggest Urine Trouble

It's also used by itself to treat some rare medical conditions. Glomerulonephritis is a serious illness that can stop your kidneys from functioning properly. Usually the urethra is wide enough for urine to flow freely through it. Learn how this condition is diagnosed and treated. Urine consists of water and waste products that your kidneys have filtered out of your blood. Porphyrias are rare types of genetic blood disorders in which patients have a defect in heme production, an important part of hemoglobin.

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